Accommodation Options For Tourists In Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. Different types of accommodations for different budgets are available so you will never face any problem in finding the right accommodation. If possible, you should avoid the highly cheap options that do not offer anything more than a bed and some basic features. From rental rooms to high-rise resorts and everything in between, there is no lack of accommodation options in this country. Before going on a holiday here, stock your clothes safely in the oak wardrobes.

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All-Inclusive Hotels

As the term suggests, these hotels offer an all-inclusive package that includes not only accommodation but meals as well. At the cheaper accommodation options, you may get only local food fares. It is necessary to reserve your room when planning to stay at an all-inclusive hotel. Some of these hotels may also give you the option to book only the room and not the meals. Check their website for more information.

Budget Hotels

Finding budget hotels here is easier. They can be found throughout the country. Do not expect too many features and amenities at these rates. The room will be quite small and have only basic furniture. Such places have a shared bathroom. Do not expect hot water and television. This staying option works when you are on a budget and want to use the place only for sleeping and overnight stay.
Mid-Range HotelsThese hotels are visited mostly by foreigners. The charges vary from $35-$60. Here you will find most expected amenities like hot water, air conditioner and more. The rooms have appropriate furniture and other items to make your stay comfortable. They offer good value for money and you may also find some luxuries like cable TV.

Luxury Hotels

The charges at these hotels start at $80 and can go up to $150 and higher. Most hotels in this range are located in Santo Domingo. Some coastal areas and other major cities also have a few hotels in this range. These options cover the beach hotels to high-rise resorts as well as renovated mansions and apartments. If you time your visit to weekends, you can expect discounts up to 30% in some hotels.

Selecting the Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the place where you want to feel highly comfortable. Even though it is the place mainly for sleeping, the room is also used for storing personal belongings. If the room size allows it, you may want to place a table and some chairs for reading, computer and other desk activities. The bed and the bedside table are two most important furniture pieces needed in the bedroom. Most homeowners also place a wardrobe and a storage unit in their bedroom. These furniture units become necessary if a separate room for wardrobe is not available. You may want a dressing table and an armchair or sofa here. The selection of furniture pieces for your bedroom will depend on your requirements, preferences, room size and budget.

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